Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday Tournaments

I haven't updated in awhile. I've been spending alot of time recently playing Mafia Wars on facebook. Its a really addictive game, has to be since it kept me from poker. Guess its something to running a criminal enterprise.

I managed to play several $4 180 sngs on stars and managed to get relatively deep in all of them (final 3 tables) made two final tables finishing 2nd and 3rd. I finished in the 20s around the bubble in the others, and felt i couldve easily gone deeper.

Today i plan on playing several tournaments on stars.

The $5 $20k Gteed at 1pm
The Turbo Takedown at 2:30pm
The $8 5K Gteed at 4pm

That should do it. I may add more according how it goes early. I may have set myself up for a bit of failure in not resting properly or preparing as much as i could've before today's tournys, but i'll still give it a go.

- Isgrinder

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