Sunday, February 24, 2008

Micro Stakes Sng Starting Hand Guide

One of the most important decisions you will make when playing micro stakes sngs, or any poker game for that matter, is which hands to play. Not thinking about the implication of playing certain hands can cost you dearly. You make your hand on the flop only to realize too late that its second best after you've lost your stack.

As a micro stake sng player you should always try to play the best hands posible. It is simply not profitable or necessary to attempt to mix it up. Especially in the early stages of a tournament.

NOTE: If you watch alot of Tv poker then remember that it is a show based on ratings, therefore it is edited to be exciting. Most of poker is very boring and would simply not make good television.

So what hands should we be playing?

22-AA, AK, AQ, AJ, ATs, (KQs, KJs, QJs ... carefully)

There are of course alot more playable hands, but playing just these few hands will already give us an edge against most micro stakes sngs players.

So we have an idea of what hands we should be playing. But how and when we play these hands is also very important. Play some of these hands in the wrong situation and it will still be a losing preposition even though we've identified it as one of our playable hands.

So when playing these hands we should consider the following;

  • Our Position

  • Stack Size

  • Stage of the tournament

The value of our hand can go up or down depending on these three factors. I will address these factors and the impact on our starting hands in "Micro Stakes Pre-flop Strategy" post later this week.

For now make note of what hands are not included in the playable hands lists; namely Suited Connectors and Ace 'x' type hands, suited or not. While these hands are playable, if you're a new poker player or you're struggling to beat micro stakes sngs i'd suggest you stick to hands above.


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