Thursday, February 28, 2008

Boring week so far

Haven't been able to play much at all. I'm back in school again, taking a stats course of all things. Considering i haven't been in a class room since 99 perhaps i should've started with something easier.

Anyway i've been studying since sunday and had the first interm exam tonight. I'd like to say i'm confident that i passed, but honestly i cant be sure. meh. nothining to do but wait and see... so back to poker!

Will try to play several tournies tomorrow.

Tournies on tap
09:00 $5.50 MTT FO
10:12 $3+R turbo sat to Sunday Warm up
10:30 $3+R turbo sat to Sunday Million
Perhaps a few $4.40 180 man sngs

I played my first satellite since like early last year the other day and it was incredibly soft. My plan with these is to win the seat, unregister and use the tourny dollars in medium buy-in tournaments; $11+R, $11-1R+1A, $33 & $55 FO Mtts.

Hopefully i can win one tomorrow and start taking shots in these tournaments. Will report tomorrow.

9:42am - update:
busted a $4/180 and the $5 FO so far... not playing well... feel kinda out of it... playing really passively for some reason. In another 180 now and waiting for $8+r to start. will try to up the aggression.

10:45 - Update:
Busted the 8+R after about 6 buyins, managae to get up to 5.5k but thats it lost JJ vs. KK to wipe that out... then ran bad losing alot of races with pocket pairs vs. overs or overs vs. pocket pairs.

Took 3 double buy-ins in the 3+R... much of the same in this tourny...but just realized i forgot to take the add-on, so its not looking good in this one. ok just busted that with 66 < ATo....

still in the $4/180 - - 34/48

Monies invested: $81.00 hmm perhaps i shouldn't have played the 8+R

11:25am out of the 180 in 27th KQs < A5s

thats all folks!


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