Sunday, March 02, 2008

Sunday Low buy in Tournaments

I plan on playing a few tournies today.

$5 MTT FO @ 1:00pm
$11 MTT FO @ 2:05pm
$11 100K guarenteed @ 3:30pm

1:45pm Update - - we're nearing the first break in the $5 double stack and i've been very tight so far. Its been a somewhat loose table with one guy seeing at least 80% flops and several others trying to take advantage of that. I havent had any major hands but have managed to stay at my starting stack. Running at 8/5 over 32 hands

-- attempted to steal with K9s in HJ, but was reraised by huge stack that busted the donkey... got to remain patient

-- shove AI with Q7o in BB after loose player limps in HJ and sb completes... (bb=100) dangerous but i thought i could take it especially with my image

-- call ontb with 76s after loose player from previous hand raises 3xbb, he's running 36/2 thought my implied odds were good... but no help on flop.. stack = 2520

comming out of the break 2261 of 3954 remaining, i'm in 1825th with M=11 and loose big stack to my immediate left... gotta look to double.

2nd tourny started - - $11 15k guaranteed

$5 - - QQ in SB, utg limps, HJ limps I shove... no takers.

busted the $11 -- became short after playing AQo in MP, later push 79s in CO called by sb with KQo

Busted the $5 -- nothing doing in this... never got going. shoved KQo in CO called by shorty about half my stack with T6s, T on the flop and i didnt improve. 88 next hand in HJ runs into TT in BB. nh gg.

I will play a $4/180 man sng until the 100K guaranteed starts

- - Almost completely card dead in the first two tournies and first hands of this stupid 180 sit and gay what do i get? AA & AJ... arrghh almost tilted me. I doubled with the AA and then folded the AJ after getting four callers and a shove... hands showed u ask... 33 vs. ATs flop comes AA3, Turn 4, River J... sigh.

few hands later guy that shoved 33 raises after a few limpers... what do i have, AKs... yep thats right another big hand in less than five minutes... we're about even in chips with +3k but wtf i shove anyway. He thinks than calls with 99, i river... OMG i just got AKs again!

And AK again two hands later ontb... 2 limpers in pot i raise to 180 (bb=20) get 3 callers guy in sb flops two pair with KTs... tells me he had KTs i shouldve raised more :).

I should just unregister from the 100k now... at the rate i'm getting hands in this tourny i just know i'm gonna be card dead again.

100k is starting. 3k starting chips, 10 minute blinds and 20k runners. I gonna mix it up from the start in this i'm not playing tight.

still running sick in the 180... QQ utg i open to 120 get caller in MP, btn shoves and bb shoves... largest stack is 1638 so i call and MP calls 4 to flop QQ vs. QTo(MP) vs. 44(btn) vs. AK(bb) flopturnriver: TKKT4

2 hands later in SB i get... u guessed it AK and won 300 chips.

The saga continues... i will give another update at the break of the 100k if i make it there.

180 busted

YEA BABY!!!! +19k at the break in the 100K.

Played loose, almost rebuy hour loose. finally got AA and got paid off by sb with AQs. SB is replaced by 10k stack and i pick up QQ in HJ... I raise 3xbb and he repops me... i shove and he calls with AQs... I hold... sweet.

still a ways to go... will maintain the aggression.

2nd break

Still sitting at +19k, did get up to 30k but lost a few pots. We're approaching the money bubble. There are 3031 remaining... 3K will get paid. As much as i'd like to cash i think i will bubble.

I will be very aggressive comming out of this break, gonna get it in the middle if its folded to me... I'm shoving pocket pairs 99+, suited connectors and ATs+ first in. i think thats about right.

Busted the 100K on This Hand.

Finished around 1500th

Overall i'm pleased with how i played. I got it in so far ahead here. Had i won that hand i would've been in good position to make a run i think.

There's a $11 20k starting within the next hour, i'm tempted to play, but i will take a break and probably play the $9 360max & the $11 mtt FO at 9:15pm.

Some chip goals for the 100K

ITM = 20,000
90th($200 payday) = 666,600
18th($500 payday) = 3MIL
FT =(1k+ payday) = 6MIL

Incredible amount of chips needed to make the FT which is where the real money is. Will give it another go next week.


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