Monday, March 03, 2008

March Goals

Didn't really accomplish much in Febuary... finished with about 216.00 profit. So i'm setting some goals for March.

1. Win a MTT - - I would like to win my first real multi table tournament this month anything over 180+ runners will do. I started Yesterday and got ITM in the 100K guaranted, 51st in a $5 FO and 18th in a $9 360max tournament. All cash finishes but i want to take something down. My best finish in a MTT so far has been 3rd.

2. Play More MTTs- - In order to accomplish No. 1 above i think i have to play more real tournaments. So i'm cutting out the 45 man sngs and will only play mtts and 180s.

3. Get to bed a reasonable hour - - personal goal - - i usually go to bed around 3am. I would like to be in bed by 2am the latest.

4. Exercise - - Started running a few weeks ago and felt great, but have fallen off, will get going again this month.

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