Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Daily Tournament Results

Woke up early this morning to get in the $5 MTT FO @ 9am (usually get up around 10ish). Because i have to be at work for 6pm when i'm on the night shift, i like to get all my tournaments started by 10:30 the latest.

Unfortunately there are not alot of tournaments starting around this time. The ones that i'd like to play either start 5am - 8am or 12pm and later. So that leaves the $5 FO at 9am and the 8+R at 10am... and i'm not that good at rebuy's.

Played the $5 FO and busted 698 out of 1327 runners, not very good. Decided to fired up some $4 180 man sngs... busted the first two 167th & 85th. Started 3 more and played really well in all three; finishing 16th, 1st and 2nd.... sweet!

I shouldve won the last one also, villian was a donkey. I started out with the chip lead but had lost a race few hands earlier... this is the bust out hand.

PokerStars No-Limit Hold'em Tourney, Big Blind is t2000 (2 handed)

Isgrinder (t64778)
Button (t205222)

Preflop: Isgrinder is BB with 2h, 6d.
Button raises to t4000, Isgrinder calls t2000.

Flop: (t6200) 2c, 2d, 5d (2 players)
BB bets t2000, Button raises to t4000, Isgrinder calls t2000.

Turn: (t14200) Ah (2 players)
Isgrinder checks, Button bets t4000, BB raises to t10000, Button calls t6000.

River: (t34200) 3h (2 players)
BB bets t46578 (All-In), Button calls t46578.

Final Pot: t127356

Results below:
Isgrinder has 2h 6d (three of a kind, twos).
Button has 4d 6c (straight, six high).
Outcome: Button wins t127356.

62o is not a strong hand but i felt i could out play him... got a miracle flop and tried to milk him. My mistake i think was not pushing the turn. I was hoping he had an ace and would push over the min reraise, Instead he called with the gutshot and hit his miracle card on the river. nh gg.

hmm. looking at the hand again, If i have him on an ace i probably shouldve bet 3bet AI. this is why i hate slow playing! i always get in trouble.

Other News....

The Sunday 100k Gauranteed that i played and finished ITM for 20.00 was also being played by Annette_15. I did not run into her, but had i known she was playing i wouldve railled her after i busted. Not only did she play in the tourny but she took it down for $20k!

here's hand history posted on PXF

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