Thursday, June 22, 2006

Infernal Min Raises & Small stacks!

Played terribly tonight... pre-game i never felt into it... i should've just taken the night off, maybe play some sng's on fulltilt. had an interesting and frustrating experience tonight; on every one of my tables there seem to be a min raise fest going on. I've never seen anything like it. I mean even the bigstacks were open min raising.

what do you do when its min raised, there are several callers and you have a premium hand... one that you don't necessarily want to be rereaising with but you don't want to play multiway. I got into trouble a few times tonight with this situation. In addition the small stacks in these pots complicates things even more.

Never the less i played poorly and donked off quite a few chips with TPTK. Then there was the hand I played 89s utg...
I limp, utg+1 makes stnd raise, 2 callers now i'm getting odds so i call, flop gives me two pair with flush on the board.. sb leads for pot i call, utg+1 Reraise big, sb folds and i push, utg+1 calls and shows JJ.... board pairs on turn and i lose to bigger two pair.
I think i played it ok post flop but this is a hand i should not have been in anyway... definitely playing tilty.

tonights results: 894 hands @ 3.5ptbb/100

still made a profit... but played horribly. Taking tommorow off from poker, no forums and no play.

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