Friday, July 28, 2006


Time was when i would debate going out or staying home on a friday night because it was the night that i was sure to win atleast 6 buyins. Tonight however, there's no debate, i'm sure im going straight home from work. Its been 5 days since i've played poker and i think tonight is as good as any to get back in it.

I have no lofty goals for tonight except not to tilt. I just want to make the best decisions that i can in a 2-3hr session. Am i ready? I not exactly sure, but i do feel that i have gotten my emotions under control and the reading and review that i've been performing should help my game.

Some ideas

Table selection ~ leave a table if uncomfortable; lagg/maniac have position on me, to many good players; identify player likely to give money away.

Bluff less ~ do not get caught up in extended bluffs, bluff only in position (99% of the time n e way) be more willing to bluff once i've establish a strong image (dragged a few big pots with good play) if not play straight up.

Put Villian on a range ~ Stop and think about what hand villian would play the way he's playing, take into consideration his stats, is he loose/tight/aggro/passive, is his play consistant with what i know about him?

A tip from chadrian of FTR ~ "My biggest leak still remains my inability to take my hand of the mouse and think things through. So a new semi-rule that I have just begun to institute is to actually announce my hand before I play it. I mean I announce the situation I am in to myself. I try and state everything that I think would be pertinent when I write a post describing my hand. E.g. instead of saying I have AK here, I would include my table position, my chip stack compared to the remaining players left to act, my M, what stage of the tourney we are in, any reads I have, any impressions I think the table has of me, and any other pertinent info. After stating that to myself and then making what I think is the best bet, I will take my hand off the damn mouse, wait to see what happens, and then go through the whole damn process if the action comes back to me." ~ I think this can be applied to cash games to make sure i make the right decision

Rarely call big bets on the river
Don't slow play... especially aces
Don't go All in with TPTK, 2 pair, or trips post flop... bare minimum is a set without a read.
Position, Position, Position!
small hand small pot, big hand big pot
Implied odds.

just some ideas and reminders....


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