Friday, August 25, 2006

Sweet Variance

After several days of ups and downs i was totally frustrated. I would be up 3 buyins on one table but when the session was over i had only won a few bucks because of all the loses on the other tables or be up huge on one table but still end up 2-3 buyins down for the session.

After several days of this i was feeling really crappy and was thinking all kind of crazy thoughts. basically about giving up. So i spent the entire day thinking about why i sucked so much and i thought back to how i was playing when i had my 2k month in June.

I decided that i would play really tight poker and instead of 4 tables i would play 6. Seems counter - intuitive right? But playing more tables forced me to play a tighter game and not get involved in marginal situation so much.


No doubt i'm running hot, but i feel i'm also playing a much better game.

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