Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Challenge

I'm making a last ditch effort to save my pc by having a freind look at it. If he can't fix it than i will be without a pc for the next two months, Until i go to Florida where i plan to by a new rig. In the mean time it seems i will have to play one or two tables on starson my laptop. I've been trying it for the past few days and i have to say its hard, its like watching paint dry, especially on slow stars.


If I am without a pc for 60days then i will treat it as a challenge. Playing Just two tables max is difficult but i will use it to work on my discipline and reads. I will have to play totally focus to win, because it is very easy to get in marginal situations only two tabling. however if i can pull it off i think it will help my game in the long run.
I will not subject my Party bankroll to this, Initially i will only play on stars for the rest of this month. If things go well i will then two table 100nl on party in October.

current stars bankroll

daily updates to come.

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