Friday, November 17, 2006

Setting Clear Goals.

I am currently playing poker @ the 50NL level. I have played @ 100NL on PP for a short period of time successfully, but bankroll requirements have forced me to remain @ 50NL in the short term. My current total poker bankroll is a little over 2200 across several sites. My play breaks down like this;

FTP - low buyin mtt sng and tier tournies
PS - low buyin mtt - sng's : $4/$10 180 man sng and 2 - 5 table $6 sng
PP - nada right now... only $50 left there
UB - 50NL 6mx
BFT - 50NL 6mx

At the end of this year/ beginning of next year i want to move into a new apartment, so i will be playing for my moving &/ new furniture money. I deposited 1K @ UB two days ago and am currently up 350.00, my plan is to continue playing there up until next week or until i have 1500.00. at which time i intend to move 1K to battlefield poker.

My reason for moving is because of the hand history issues at UB and the fact that i'm getting 60 % rakeback at battlefield as well as the fact that i can datamine there. I will leave the 500.00 @ UB and play occassionally as i like the games there.

Operation: new digs
goal: 2500.00
Time: 6 weeks

In order to achieve this i will have to play disciplined poker. I will attemp to play 2 1-2 hr sessions per day. Is $100.00 per day doable? Beginning tomorrow i will make daily updates.

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