Thursday, February 01, 2007

Oh Sweet Party Poker... how I love thee!

Got off to a great start in Febuary as you can see. Got a lot of good hands that held up and people just donating their money. Also played tighter than i've ever played before and still got played. will attempt to play this way in the future since it may have less variance. Also only played 3 tables. Now to the hands.... this was my 2nd or 3rd hand at the table and already i could see this guy was loose and aggr. lol... this is why i love party poker. Notice the chat after i push AI over his reraise on the flop... classic! pot is raised from Btn and reraised from SB... I have QQ in BB... my play? Raising here would only get called by AA/KK and fold out every hand i beat. therefore i call... flop is really coordinated, ugh! how's my play?

Those are my top 3 winning hands for the session, however i had a lot of other winning hands along with some good lay downs. my biggest losing hand was TT for less than 10.00. hit several sets and quads twice. I run goot!

bonus hand... villian in this hand had min raise utg several times once showing down K9s. I decided to see a flop with a marginal hand in bb.

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Jon Miller's $50,000 Poker Challenge said...


That is one sweet session! I love the play on quads, he either is chasing his draw or has a boat. QQ is a very interesting hand. Both had each others outs so that is good! He go to my blog and email, I am down for the review for hand history. My email is in my blog. Once again, awesome session! Keep it up!


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