Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Procrastination & Discipline

There are alot of things that i know i need to get done but i never seem in a hurry to do them. I just kinda go along with the flow and they get done eventually. I just procrastinate too much, which again goes back to lacking discipline.

My goal for May is not just about poker but also about my life. I plan to develope real discipline and do away with procrastination.

Poker has not started well this month... i've gotten in about 10k hands at -2ptbb/100. some of it is me running bad and also playing badly... but the bad plays have not been outrageously bad. I believe a little tweaking can reverse my fortunes.

I'm going to play a 1.5hr session now and will update when done...

Ok played fairly well except for 2 hands i think i really butchered early in the session.

hand 1 I had only witnessed a few hands at the table but the action led me to believe that this guy was loose and aggressive and would play back at me... for an instant i considered shoving the river, but sadly decided against it and went for the c/r AI after he hopefully committed himself with a large overbet... sigh.

hand 2 this 2 hands later at another table and i was still mad at myself for not push the river, so i decided not to slow play this one and bet it hard... sigh, missed the bus to value town again.

like i said nice quiet session, didn't stack anybody and didnt get into any trouble, my biggest hand lost, not counting the above two hands, was for 10.00.

Session Grade = C

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