Friday, May 04, 2007


Not a bad day. Ran hot and cold, at one point during the day i was down about 3 buy-ins... seemed like everything i played missed.But fortunately it turned around. I haven't posted any hands in a while so i'll post a few.

JJ AI PF vs. fish

Idiot end of str8 vs. fish

Two Pair is the NUTS pt. 1

Two pair is the NUTS pt. 2


interesting call down by yours truly


sorry no analysis... don't have time, but what can i say. people overplay TP alot, I play on Party poker vs. lots of fish. and the plays i make would probably lose me mucho dinero at some other site... but wtf in the mean time i'm pwning biotches.

I now have 25.5 buy-ins for 100NL... no hurry though, i might wait until 35 just to be comfortable.

In other news...

We had general elections here on the 2nd. the party that i supported won! The party that lost was the PLP, which had the minister who was involved with Anna Nicole smith.

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