Saturday, June 09, 2007

Nice session 06/08/07

Good day... had two nice sessions. some hands that i played/misplayed

suck out here. frustration call, there's no way this guy makes this play with a hand TPTK can beat.

89s in BB multiway nice hand to see a flop multiway, picked up str8 flush drw on turn. nh

Got a lil frisky with 88 shades of the old me here. Not a bad idea i think, but i shouldve done it on the flop. wouldve been cheaper and more likely to succeed.

T3s turns 2 pair overplayed this on the river... fold>call>raise.

UB Review

UB has a pretty good sized player base. I've only played 25NL & 50NL but i've always been able to find games and good games at that. Think +50% avg. players to the flop.

There's a belief that UB is harder than other sites, but i'd say that its easier. Players are mostly tight and pretty straight forward inmo. There are way less ultra aggressive players than at Party. And while there are less fish, when you find them they are awful; see here

The site is a snap to datamine and there are nice sign up and reload bonuses even though they clear somewhat slowly. But with both RB and the Bonus that should not be a problem.

Sign up for 30% RB at this is the nuts. Use my Personal Referral Code: 5246

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GWC said...

Wow, thanks for the mini-review of UB its much appreciated.

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