Thursday, November 29, 2007

Quick Update

I haven't been able to update or play much because of life stuff... busy. But i feel that i've been playing my best poker in a while recently. I played about 8 4/180s on sunday and busted early in all except one. The level of play was horrible, after 30 minutes it was normal to have 5 players with a vpip of +40% and at least 2 at +70%... just a mine field.

The Tourny that i went deep in, i busted 9th on first hand of the final table.I picked up KK in sb... utg+1 min raised its folded to me and i make it 4000... villian called... flop comes Q high and i bet 1/2 pot,leaving me with a potsized bet... villian shoves i insta call.. turn is a Q, i dont remember the river... villian turns over Q5s. fuck me! gg nh.

Since Sunday i've played about 4 4/180 tournies.. two lastnight... i went deep and finished 8th in one. Today i played another 2 and busted 21st and 6th. The results are good, hopefully i will start to get more top 3 finishes and maybe even win a few.

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