Sunday, February 10, 2008

Big stack strategy in Small Stakes Sngs

Most strategy post on the net focus' on playing with a normal stack or with a short stack. But how do you play if you have a big - huge chip lead? Time and time again i've seen the big stack misplayed in small stakes turbo sngs, and i've been guilty of it also.

Some common big stack mistakes in small stakes sit n go tournaments;

Sitting out
This strategy is employed alot in the early stages of multi table turbo sngs. This is often an indication of a weak player who's afraid he/she will blow it if he continues to play. Not a very good strategy as you give up a huge tactical advantage and you learn nothing in the process. You don't lose what you don't put in, but still you should at least practice self discipline by seeing you're cards and folding. It also shortens the table and will give the aggressive player an advantage.

Raising alot/every Hand
The maniac strategy. These players have often lucked into a big stack and now their natural tendencies are taking over. They raise and refuse to back down without regards to position stack sizes or odds at all. These players can be difficult to play against, but generally i see them as a good double opportunity.

Limping/Calling too much
Like the maniac these players have probably lucked into a big stack, but of the two strategies i'd prefer the maniac's style because he's at least applying pressure. these guys fail to take advantage of the big stack and allow players in the blinds and other players to see flops cheaply. Becareful trying to make a move, because these guys will call

These mistakes essentially negates the advantage of having the chip lead. Some pro players are known to take slightly -EV gambles early in tournaments so that they can obtain a large stack. This is because having the large stack allows you to create alot of +ev situations, especially on the bubble and late in tournaments when the tables are short handed.

In Micro Stakes Sngs I don't think its necessary to gamble early to obtain a big stack but if you do get one you can also create these +ev spots.

So what is the correct strategy? how should the big stack be played?....

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