Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Blog Update

As many of you may have noticed i've changed a few things on the old blog. I haven't played much poker since last Friday when i started this little project. While i had had the idea for some time i just started experimenting and this is what it came to.

Blogger doesnt have any three column templates so i had to get in the guts of this one and add some stuff to make it function the way i wanted. I still have some more tweaks to make.

I did all the editing in IE, but I logged onto the site with mozilla firefox today and noticed that the banner is not centered and the chat is not accessable. i will try to figure it out... i really like the chat, hopefully some of u guys will use it.

Reason for changes
Once i made the decision to start playing poker again, i knew i was not going to be grinding cash games or single table tournaments. I also wanted to optimize the blog somewhat so that i could posible get something out of it. Also make it a better platform to share my thoughts and ideas.

Getting Started
This area is basically for new visitors who are considering playing online poker. In here there will be info on Computer Security, Pokerroom reviews, Set-up & Moding info and deposit methods.

Study Guide
This is an old idea that i had from my old cash game site. Basically i will try go over all poker info from basic to advance concepts. Most of the arcticles will be written by myself, because i will be learning as i research them and convey my understanding to readers. It will be a great resource to have them all in one area to access and discuss with fellow bloggers.

I'm really excited about this section as i anticipate i will have quite a few challenges each month as well as joining various challenges in forums around the net. Some challenges will be short-term (over 15 - 20 tournies or 1 week long) others will be longer term until goal is met.

My first personal challenge will be long term and is set to begin next month. I will depsit $50.00 to fulltilt and try running it up to match my stars roll, so that i can begin taking shots at medium buy-in tournies on that site as well. I can deposit more, but i want to provide an example of what typical new players go through in trying to build a roll on their first deposit. Hopefully it will end up as a guide on how to build a bankroll playing micro stakes sngs.

Poker tools
This section will include a list of all poker tools that i use or have used as well as any interesting scripts that will make playing poker easy.

Thats it for the sections, though i'm thinking of adding a video section. I will see what happens. I'm something of a computer nerd at times so i enjoy putting together this site and seeing what all i can do on this platform.

Bookmark this site or Subscribe and stay tuned for all the exciting new changes to come.

I'm still interested in exchanging links with fellow bloggers so just link me up on your blog and leave a comment.

Oh btw... just finished 2nd in a $4 180 man sng on Stars... tourny report to come.


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