Monday, March 10, 2008

Weekend Tournaments

I've been playing extremely poorly over the last few days. I've stacked off terribly in just about every tournament i played. Seemed to be having a focusing problem. Just managed to get my chips in the pot in bad situations... being over aggressive at the wrong times.

But i played much better today and managed to win a $4 180 man sng. I made an incredible play that propelled me to the victory in this one. Didn't get anywhere in my other tournaments. Busted out 3455th in the 100k and didnt do anything in any of the other tournaments i played. but at least i didn't play horribly, like i had been.

Other News......
Over the weekend i signed up with Poker X factor training site for $199.85, which includes the sign up fee and a 3 month subscription. I'm determined to take advantage of this subscription and not waste it like i did when i was a member of Cardrunners. I've already watched a vid by Jonny Bax... looks good... nothing earth shattering but good.

I also signed up for an epassporte account and deposited $100.00 into it. So i will be starting the RTR challenge very soon.

Ultimate Micro Stakes Grinder
So i've come up with this idea to try to crush all micro stake sngs on Stars. Basically I will be playing 20 of each micro stake sngs that stars have listed. I consider micro stake to go up to the $10 buy in. So the challenge should look like this

20 $5 STT - $110.00
20 $10 STT - $220.00

20 $3 Turbo STT - $68.00
20 $6 Turbo STT - $130.00

20 $5 18 man sngs - $110.00
20 $10 18 man sngs - $220.00

well you get the idea... will do the 27 man sngs, the 45 man sngs, both regs and turbos. These challenges should hold me for a few months. I will try to do one per week.


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