Friday, April 04, 2008

April Goals

Another dissappointing month... results-wise anyway. I think i played well for most of the month, mananged to quadruple my broll on fulltilt and got itm in several mtts for insignificant cashes. Got into some life drama and lost focus at the end of the month.

There are some posible distractions comming up this month that could posibly limit my play somewhat, but i'm feeling refreshed and pretty optimistic. My birthday is this month and i go on vacation for 1 week(not distractions). I'm hoping to give myself a MTT win for my birthday. I've also made some decisions about what i want to accomplish over the next few years and have begun making changes for the better in my day to day life.

Poker Goals:

Review every MTT i play - - I was gonna put win a MTT again but that is more of a desire than a goal. Since i get to play so few MTTs i think its important that i review them all to see how i'm playing.

Watch at least 5 PXF vids per week - - there is a huge selection of MTT vids available and i'm determined to utilize this subscription. Hopefully my game will be better for it.

Update after every session - - This should keep me accountable since i will have to post about what a donk i am when i play poorly.

Thats it. I'm not putting down any monetary goals because that will come as a result of the above. Well thats the plan anyway.


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