Thursday, September 04, 2008

August Results

August has come and gone, time to evaluate how my month went. Below are a list of goals i had for August;

1. Win a MTT

2. Play more Tournaments

3.Spend more time analyzing my hh and watching videos.

4. Maintain a positive outlook and approach to the game

I did not win a MTT but came pretty close. I was able to get deep in several tournies with my best finish being 3rd for a nice four figure cash. I played much more tournies than in any of my previous months finishing with 63 played, 21% ITM and 135% ROI. I also watched much more videos than i normally watch and did get some review time in.

Overall my game improved and my game is stronger. I just need to work on some late game play to close out some of these deep finishes.

I also participated in a $4 180 man challenge on RTR and won it.

September Goals Comming soon.

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