Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bad Beat

My ISP has been acting up for several days now. It finally went down completely last night, unfortunately i was several hours into some tourneys but not yet in the money. All moneys and effort down the drain. So i gave them a call this morning and they have an automated message saying they're doing some maintenance and will be back up asap.

It would've been great if they could've emailed me before hand, but w/e, maybe it was unexpected. I was able to get back on around 11am. All seemed well, so i signed up for 3 $10 KOs and a $10+r+r at noon... u guessed it, 1.5hrs later internet goes down again... jloi;kpoihpoifhg;agga'kag;gasiwoiwiwl;''g... I'm writing this from work and i assume my internet is still down. At any rate i will not play again until its been up for at least 24hrs.

I'm playing in FTOPS event #24 this weekend so i'm trying to prepare for that because honestly i'm not in top form. But i'm working on my game, reviewing hhs and watching pxf videos. I recently listened to the 2+2 podcast that featured Jared Tendler, a stoxpoker mental coach and i was very excited about some of things he spoke about because it was what i had been getting at for along time... mental strenght training & mental toughness. I will post more on this in the future.



Anonymous said...

I've had similar experiences.. been checking out your blog and I like it.. I am about to try something similar much like the Chris Ferguson 20k run... I've tried it before couldn't get it rolling.. now about to try again.

come by my blog and share some advice... I will need it I think.

Game101 said...

hey shellfsh, glad you like the blog. GL on the 20K run, i will be checking in to see how its comming.

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