Monday, November 17, 2008

FTOPS #24 Update

Unfortunately I busted early into the second hour. I just couldn't seem to get anything going. Every hand i raised got called by 2 or more persons and i had to check fold most flops or cbet flop, get floated and chk fold most turns. I did win one pot that got me up to over 6k in the first hour and i had to double barrel with AKs to win that, but never got my stack any higher than that... like i said i could not get anything going.

I don't feel i was impatient, i only played good hands, but people were not folding much. Perhaps i was a bit too patient in that i didn't hammer them like i normally would because i was trying not to stack off early with just AK or Tens or similar hands. I went in giving my opponents too much respect i think... these were the normal donks you'd find in most $26-$75 mtts.

Still it was a good experience. By the end of the first hour i had notes and preliminary reads on every player at the table. I was really focused on everyhand played and knew where the soft spots were. If i can bring that intense focus to my normal MTTs i think my results will improve tremendously.

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Anonymous said...

it just fell at a bad time for me to play, but a few of the other guys did. I managed to watch a bit though and i agree the standard was pretty bad for a tourney of that type of buy-in.

Keep it going mate.



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