Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Where's my edge?

According to OPR my best game in 2008 was the 46-180 person SNGs. I ran a 33% ROI over 500+ tourneys with an average buy-in of $13. In MTTs with 181+ entrants and an average buy-in of $19 i had a -7% ROI over 350 tourneys.

Based on those stats i should probably focus more on the tourneys where i have the greatest edge over the field. So far this month I'm running 205% ROI at the $10 90 man KOs. Thats only over 24 sngs and obv not sustainable but follows the 2008 OPR stats.

What happens if i play these tournaments exclusively?

I'm gonna give it a shot this month while trying to rebuild my bankroll. I will Stick to the $10 tourneys and transition to the $26 tourneys when i reach 60 buy ins.

Identify where your biggest edge is and maximize it.


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