Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Its been a while

So its been nearly a year since i last updated. I haven't missed it. I withdrew most of my money and eventually busted the remainder shortly after my last post. I did not play again until December. I didnt miss it.

Over the years of playing i had accumulated over 15k in FPP. when i felt like playing again I started playing FPP tournaments. Eventually i found the 90fpp 18seat sats to the midnight madness tournament. These were pretty soft, and with $11 for first place i quickly accumulated over $130.00 in tourny dollars which i then used to play the $3.3 90man sngs.

I quickly turned the tourny dollars into $100.00 real money and started playing Rush poker at the .10/.25 full ring tables with a little success. My bankroll has been as high as 500.00 but is now back at 350.00. I plan on withdrawing whatever i have at the end of the month to buy a Nintendo WII and start all over again in March.

Thats it for poker....


Poker Shiznit said...
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Danny said...

Thanks for the update - will you be updating us for March?

Sukhdeepak said...

Very nice post.

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