Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Its been a while

So its been nearly a year since i last updated. I haven't missed it. I withdrew most of my money and eventually busted the remainder shortly after my last post. I did not play again until December. I didnt miss it.

Over the years of playing i had accumulated over 15k in FPP. when i felt like playing again I started playing FPP tournaments. Eventually i found the 90fpp 18seat sats to the midnight madness tournament. These were pretty soft, and with $11 for first place i quickly accumulated over $130.00 in tourny dollars which i then used to play the $3.3 90man sngs.

I quickly turned the tourny dollars into $100.00 real money and started playing Rush poker at the .10/.25 full ring tables with a little success. My bankroll has been as high as 500.00 but is now back at 350.00. I plan on withdrawing whatever i have at the end of the month to buy a Nintendo WII and start all over again in March.

Thats it for poker....

Monday, June 22, 2009


Haven't been playing much lately. Just haven't felt right. When i have free time I've been tired or had places and things to do. My frame for a successful tournament is basically to be well rested, well feed, focused and have about 4.5hrs free time.

None of these requirements seem to come together recently... so even when i decided to play i didn't do well... meh.I'm feeling better this week and hopefully will play a few 180s before the end of the week.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Bizarro Poker

Thats the only way i can describe what I've witnessed on the tables over the past couple days. I did play on Sunday but only cashed in the Turbo Take down for $35.00, finishing around 9000th out of 30,000 registered. I played ok, but i have to admit that i was a bit distracted by mafia wars.

Wow, is that game addictive or what! I log on to play for a short period and end up easily spending hours playing. I'm currently at level 27 and have 155 mafioso in my family after 4 days of play. I'm adding about 4 levels and 20 mafioso per day. Anyway enough about that, if you're interested search Mafia Wars on Facebook, Myspace or Tagged.

Below is three of the most idiotic hands i've seen in a long time. They're so bad its unbelievable. But i guess i shouldnt be surprised since they're from $10 and lower buy-in tournaments;

that,thats all folks!
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