Saturday, May 20, 2006

Moving up to 50nl soon

Since May 1st I've played about 8k hands @ 8.7bb/100 which i'm very satisfied with. My first 10k hands were a period where i was getting expereince playing certain hands. Now i've played all the hands and have seen most common situations, as a result i feel more confident at the tables. I still have a lot to learn but i will pursue that at the higher buyins.

According to a post on 2+2 the criteria for moving up to 50nl is as follows:

try 50NL when:

- you're confident in your preflop game ----------------- chk
- you understand position------------------------------- chk
- you have a good idea of their hand by the river -------- chk
- you have an ok feel when to continuation bet ---------- chk?
- you have 500 or more -------------------------------- chk

4 out of the five i have locked down, as for when to c-bet, i basically c-bet 90% of the time i raise pf.

hopefully if things go well at 50nl i will only spend 2wks max or 10k hands at this level before moving up.

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