Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Hit the ground running

I was somewhat concerned about moving up to 50nl. I wasn't sure about making the transition. should i open my regular 25nl tables and sub one with a 50nl table. I tried that for about 55 hands, it wasn't bad and it wasnt good. basically lost 4 bucks before having to quit to go somewhere.

Since then i've jumped right in and opened 5 50nl tables.I can't be sure yet because of sample size but the play seems worst, or at least there are a lot more loose players. for example on any given table at 25nl there would be just one player rated as extra loose. but at 50nl there seem to be at least two at every table. This is at party, but the play at fulltilt is even worst. I have yet to sit down and not win a buyin there... or a party @ 50nl, but then again sample size.

this is a hand from fulltilt today... villian was horrible i mean terrible... so i called down with AJo

FullTiltPoker Game #660479308: Table Spring Gate - $0.25/$0.50 - No Limit Hold'em - 12:02:17 ET - 2006/05/24
Seat 1: ($63.60)
Seat 2: ($48.25)
Seat 3: ($51.45)
Seat 4: ($32.60)
Seat 5: HERO ($77.45)
Seat 6: ($53.70)
Seat 7: ($96.95)
Seat 8: ($27.35)
Seat 9: Villian ($39.90)
posts the small blind of $0.25
HERO posts the big blind of $0.50
The button is in seat #3
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to HERO [Jd Ac]

Villians raises to $1.50

HERO calls $1
*** FLOP *** [5h 4s 3d]
HERO checks
Villian bets $3
HERO calls $3
*** TURN *** [5h 4s 3d] [8h]
HERO checks
Villian bets $9
HERO calls $9
*** RIVER *** [5h 4s 3d 8h] [Ks]
HERO bets $27.25
Villian calls $26.40, and is all in
Uncalled bet of $0.85 returned to HERO
*** SHOW DOWN ***
HERO shows [Jd Ac] (Ace King high)
Villian mucks
HERO wins the pot ($77.05) with Ace King high
Villian is sitting out

Any other player here would've doubled up through me, but this guy was horrendous... i need to add him to my buddy list

Over 2500 hands @ 50nl i'm running 20bb/100. more than likely a hot streak but i would like to achieve 10bb/100 over 10 - 20k hands before moving to 100nl. I anticipate making that move no later than the end of June.

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