Saturday, May 27, 2006

Downswing in full effect

Over 5k hands @ 50nl i'm running 8.5bb/100. good right? would seem so except for the fact that over the last 2900 hands I'm running -0.5bb/100. looking at that just now i guess that i'm breaking even. I wish i could attribute this bad run to variance but truth be told its really bad play. for instance tonight i was stacked with KQ vs AQ. I got it in with TPGK how donkish is that?

Usually what would happen is i'd sit down and donk off a buyin+ then spend the next two hours trying to play solid poker to get even or at least close to it. this has been the pattern the last 3 nights. I seem to make at least 1 really donkish play that puts me in the hole for the session. even without the major donk play, i just not pleased with my play, I'm just not winning the way i should with my big hands. i end up winning small and loosing large which is a problem.

I feel like i've digressed. I've been at tables feeling totally out of it, like i don't know what to do. I've got to get comfortable at this new buy-in i guess. looking at the stats, i realize that this is not really a huge downswing but it just feels terrible playing this poorly. anyway its late, tomorrow i will post some of my major donk hands and plans to correct the situation.

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