Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Just when i thought i had turned my game around after a few bad days i have my worst day since i started playing ring. Today i managed to loose two buyins @ 50nl FR on party and Two buyins @ 25nl 6max @ fulltilt. the crazy thing is i'm not suppose to be playing 6max at all...definitly tilted.

I think i was forcing things trying to outplay people instead of letting them make mistakes. this normally happens when i'm card dead which i was all day. Also i've noticed that the games are much harder in the day than at night.

Jeez i got pwnd so hard by this one guy on two of my tables, i mean i was like his personal atm. So much so that i was afraid to play a hand with him. my last hand against him i had KK and time out... wow i felt like crap... my image on that table was destroyed. Now that i think about it i should've pushed my kings, because the way i was playing his reraise range wouldve loosened alot possibly to include TT+. But every single time me or anyone else tangled with this guy he had nuts and i had yet to see him reraise, so i was really affraid of AA.

Well i plan on going back to my nut peddling roots. I Also have to pay more attention to table selection, sitting with regulars like that guy is definitely -EV. Also will stop or reduce my daytime play. I will spend my days playing tournies or reading poker books. Today i played the fulltilt 5K gaurenteed at 12n and came 24/240 for 35.00

So moving forward I will work on my tournament game by playing the fulltilt gaurenteed tournies @ 10am or 12n and a few 4.40 180man sngs on stars during the day and play full ring during the night.

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