Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Studying Poker

I realize that beside reading forums and a particular guide i have for ring play i've done very little poker study in the past few months. The reason is right now i'm playing ring and most of the books i have are for tournaments. However studying and thinking about poker can only improve my game.

I have several books that i have yet to finish. They are HOH2, Kill Phill, and Phill Gordon's little green book. In addition i would like to reread TOP at least once more. I have to get crackin on this because there are new book out there that i would like to get. while these books won't necessarily take my game to another level it will at least keep me in the know, so i will have an idea what other players are doing and thinking.

In the near future i want to purchase NHLE: Theory and Practise and HOH3. So i have to finish the books i have by the end of next month.

In my Next post I will post my results for May along with my goals for June.

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