Thursday, May 04, 2006

Table Selection

One of the main reasons I lose money, inaddition to my poor play of course, is table selection. I tend to stay too long at a bad table. I have to pay closer attention to table dynamics and leave without hesitation if i'm uncomfortable.

Today would've have been a good day except for the fact that i got stacked on one of my tables, rebought and lost some more. what happen is there seemed to be a laggy player who had position on me by two seats. I pick up KJo in MP2 and call, there's 2 limpers in the pot when it gets to this guy who proceeds to R4x+1xbb. He's done this several times already in addition to calling me whenever i raise with AK/AQ, of course i don't hit and have to fold to his aggression since he has position on me. this time however i call his reraise, the J hits, and I lead out, he reraises, long story short we get it all in he turns up AJ.... i'm a donk!

today I played about 862 hands @ .76ptbb/100... breakeven..

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