Tuesday, May 02, 2006


In the next 3-5years I want to be able to make a living playing poker.

I want to make 10k by December 31st 2006

I will focus on NL holdem, primarly full ring cash games. right now i am playing 25nl; I currently have 7k+ hands @ 5bb/100. I would like to play 20k hands @ 10bb/100 before moving up to the next buyin.
I will play primarily @ PP and Fulltilt. I 4-6 table 25nl full ring on PP and 2 table 25nl 6max on fulltilt.

I aim to play at least 3k hands per week by 4 tabling 25nl. when playing make sure to pay close attention to table selection. avoiding tilt is very important; in the past my game has been up one day and down the next day due to tilting.

After 10k hands I intend to move up in level if i am @ 10bb/100, if not i will play another 10k hands if i am under 5bb/100. this will be from 25nl-100nl. once i reach 100nl I intend to play atleast 50k hands there aiming for atleast 5bb/100.

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