Tuesday, July 11, 2006

8 tabling session

After getting ass raped @ 100nl earlier this week, for some reason i decided to try 6 max again. the sessions would start really well then i'd usually end up losing a lot of money. Of course this was at my parents house where i was playing out of my comfort zone... that along with the decision to play 6max lost me about 300.00. wow!

Anyway got back home yesterday. Today I decided i would drop down to 25nl FR to get my confidence going again, also i would pull back my game alot. Stars plays alot slower than party poker so i decided to open up more tables; thus my first time 8tabling. Played a session this morning @ 25nl and another this evening @ 50nl.

hands: 1810
winrate: 15ptbb/100

Really good results considering that i only hit 1 set the entire day and 8 of the 13 pocket pairs were big losers for me. to make it really clear; when i sort my stats in poker tracker for just pocket pairs, i showed a net profit of $13.05.

Still 8 tabling was not as hard as i thought it would be. when i get my partypoker acount set up i will probably give it a try there.

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