Friday, July 07, 2006

Theory & Practise

I'm on vacation for two weeks... My first week i'm spending at my parents in Eleuthera. My second week I plan to spend back home playing poker... As soon as i get back i will set up my new PP account and assault 100NL FR and 25NL 6 max tables.

In the mean time I am reading NLHE: Theory & Practise by Skalansky & Miller. I'm not a lover of math so my first reaction to the book was not real positive. However i stuck with it and i have to say that i'm really glad that i did.

So far i've completed the first part of the book and i have to say i'm excited to start playing again. I feel that this book will definitly have a huge impact on my game. There is so much good stuff in there, some of which i've been doin already, but have been clarified by this book. also there is alot that i can incorporate into my game... this book is definitly worth it!

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