Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Back to 50NL

After getting stacked on two tables within 10 hands @ 100nl i decided i would move back to 50nl immediately. this was around 12 o clock lastnight. since then i've played 1964 hands @ 17.42ptbb/100 @ 50nl for a profit of over 300.00!
Is the difference between these two levels really this vast? I don't think so. I believe the fact that it was more money on the line affected me more than i thought it would. So it was a combination of poor play, lack of confidence and variance that got me. I would break poor play into two categories, truly bad play and lack of confidence play that let people suck out on me with two pairs etc etc then pay them off. so it breaks down to 20/30/5o percentage wise.

My biggest losers @ 100nl

44 set over set
TT fullhouse over fullhouse
66 same as above
AJs 2pair vs. 2pair
33 set over set
T9s AI with OESFD

These were some of the hands i attributed to variance, perhaps if i was a better player i couldve put my opponents on better sets and gotten away from some of these hands but i dont know.... i will have to investigate it more.

My plan now is to continue playing 50nl, work on my game and when i get 2500+ give 100nl another shot. but i'm in no rush i may wait until i have 3000.00 just to be comfortable.

My 20" monitor should be here by this weekend. I look forward to 10 tabling PP and posibly 18 tabling stars(or whatever the max is there)

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