Saturday, July 22, 2006


I'm in such a fucked up space right now. Variance is killing me. I may be on low grade tilt or somethin... I mean i try to play better, but when i hit my set, villian stays in and make their str8 or worst they have a better set. If i have kk villian has AA and when i have AA villian has 77... we get it ai on flop of 983r villian spikes 7 on river. I have AK flop comes QJT, we get it AI on flop Turns a J villian makes quads. Then its the hands i would get away from but make a set on the turn the locks me in and end up set over set. there are the flop trips.... I have J4 in bb villian limp utg+1 flop comes 448 villian is short stk so we get it in villian turns up K4 or the time I'm in sb with AJ villian limps in HJ flop comes JJ9.... what does villian have u ask... J9 of course. just a few examples.

I've never been one to tell bad beat stories but the frequency of them are beginning to weight on me. It seems every time i have a hand some one has a better hand almost EVERY TIME!

This is probably gonna be my worst month since i've been playing ring.

I'm in a bad place and no amount of tightening up my game is gonna help... the tilt monster is lurking right below the surface and he could explode in all his glory at anytime... So im gonna take the next few days off. NO POKER! NONE not even sngs

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