Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Despite my best efforts i've come to realize that i'm fully tilted. I may play a few hands well but ultimately i screw up a big pot. I havent had a winning session in over 5 days, its just barely break even or loosing. while i still play a tight aggressive game my decisions are just off. Two things i've noticed right away is that my turn aggression has fallen way off allowing people to stay in the hand and suckout on me. And i get attached to big hands like and am un willing to let them go. both of these things have led to more loses.

Therefore i intend to call this month a lost. I will try not to play another hand before August. In the mean time i will be reviewing previous sessions and reading as much as possible. below is my graph for July.

That my friends is the hell of variance followed by tilt. better luck next month.

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