Sunday, July 30, 2006

Improving My Game ~ Skill for Success

In order to play good poker you have to continue to work on your game, Improving it by re-examing and adding or removing aspects of it. I realize now that in the short time since i had had some success i became complacent; i had stopped reviewing hand histories and didn't really examine my game all that much, after all it was successful.

Once i had my downswing and subsequent tilt i realized that i am not as confident in my game as i had thought. My confidence was broken down too easily and true confidence comes from knowing, absolutely knowing that your game is rock solid.

So i plan to rework my game from the ground up, not really change anything but to go through all the things i should have done in the beginning. For instance, i have a rudimentary understanding of pot odds and i have a chart, but thats as far as i've gone in the math part of the game... i basically guesstimate odds when i'm playing. I hate math. In fact i almost didn't read T&P because of all the math in the first few chapters. Therefore, I plan on going over all the math again; pots odds, implied odds, EV calculations, and FE.

I also plan to reread T&P. The first chapter lists some skill that a successful player should have;
  • Manipulating the Pot size
  • Adjusting Correctly to Stack sizes
  • Winning the battle of mistakes
  • Reading hands
  • Manipulating opponents into playing badly
I intend to improve my game in each of these areas.

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