Tuesday, August 08, 2006

6 Max

Haven't posted in a while. went on a weekend trip to Grand Bahama so i didnt get to play a lot of poker. Before i went i had begun experimenting with 6max again. I believe this time will be different because i've actually went out and read 6max strategy. So far i have about 4k hand @ 15ptbb/100 @ 50nl on party poker. I hope that trend continues.

I believe my maximum effectiveness is 4 tabling for 1.5 to 2hrs. therefore my plan is to get in at least two 2hr sessions when i get home from work.

In addition to 6max, recently i've been dabling in Mtt's again. I believe with consistant effort i have what it takes to really get good in these... its just that the time it takes to play one is hard to come by. So far i've played 2 11s on party poker finishing on the final table bubble once. I ve played 4 180 person sngs on stars ... 1 final table and 1 itm. I will play more of these regularly when i go on night shift again.

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