Thursday, August 17, 2006

6 max 10k hands

After 10k hands at 50nl i've been running at 3ptbb/100, which is ok but not great or what i am satisfied with. My play style over this period has been laggy; running about 36/18. while i've had some big gains over this period, and was running at 16ptbb/100 over about 4k hands, i've subsequently had big loses.

Playing lagg is very demanding and playing it at 6max is even more so. it is very easy to get caugh up and soon find yourself in a big pot with a very marginal hand. After several situations like this and misreads on big hands it is very easy to be a losing player. Looking over my 10k hands this became very apparent, my big hands have all been signifcant winners whereas my big loses have all come from marginal hands on some kind of extended bluff.

As a result i've decided to tighten my game significantly.

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