Monday, July 17, 2006

Take the blinders off... See the Truth!

I believe one of my great strengths is being honest with myself. Being able to objectively view myself and my game. this is something you have to be able to do if you want to succeed at poker. For the most part i thought I was playing well, not great, but not horrible either. well I was wrong.

I just did a quick glance through my PT database for 100NL and was shocked, horrified and amazed at just how badly i have been playing. To give you an idea how badly: My Top five losers are:

  1. AJs -129.91
  2. T9s -110.30
  3. Q8s -63.15
  4. T7o -59.00
  5. 55 -57.40
OMGGG!!!!! T7o! Q8s! T9s! I Suck!!!

There is definitely some tilt involved here, I should also not be losing that much with AJs and the 55 would be okay if it was set over set or something but it was 55 vs JJ when i pushed my remaining stack into a J high flop that was chkd to me on the botton. Oh man this is UGLY. Way Tilted.

Another big loser for me is my blind play. when i exclude the blinds i'm losing -57.46 and when i sort for only the blinds i'm losing -322.54.

So obviously I have to eliminate the suited connectors and work on my blind play. I will continue this analysis by reviewing the actual hands has they played out.

Well i've identified the problem and i feel better because now i can address it and move forward.


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