Monday, July 17, 2006

100NL... whats the deal?

I took another shot at 100NL yesterday with the same results. The play is just as bad as 50NL and at times it plays like 10NL except for one thing... AGGRESSION! These guys are very aggressive, they rarely fold to C-bets they call and attack at the first sign of weakness. So i ended up getting pushed around alot. I did drag a few big pots but lost it back to badbeats. Over 2500 hands i'm down over 3 buyins @ -7ptbb/100. This is from just taking shots.

The Plan

I know that i can beat 50NL for 10ptbb/100 and can probably make at least 2K per month at this level. Knowing this i plan to commit 5 more buyins to 100NL before going back to 50NL. If 100NL does not workout I will drop back and spend perhaps the rest of the year 8-10 tabling 50NL, maybe taking another shot with a huge bankroll.


Over the 2500 hands i've played so far, I'm running 22/7. I will have to tighten up a little to perhaps 18/9. Basically I will almost be set farming.

Current bankroll : 1569.00

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