Sunday, October 29, 2006

BesT MTT Finish!

I had a really up and down week at the cash games on party... Up one session, lost it back the next. Any way i decided to play in a $4 180 man sng today and came in 2nd for $144.00 prize. I was still a little disappointed though, because out the last three i was clearly the better player.

Unfortunately one guy with an almost equal stack had position on me and he was awful... basically a call station which was ok. but i let it piss me off because there was a short stack and this guy would not attack him, but kept me from doing so... it was really frustrating and i think i mini tilted.

I will definetly play more of these in the future i would like to play probably 50-100 more before moving up to the 10s or 20s. I will try to work on my poker more consistantly over the next few months; both ring and mtts.

I plan on signing up with as soon as i get done posting here. by all accounts there videos are pretty good and from my experience with other videos, it seems i learn better from them.

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