Monday, October 30, 2006

Playing Poorly

Today's session; pLayed 425 @ -4.28. I sat down and got the feel of the table then switched gears and played aggresively. Unfortunately i was unable to switch back and got caught up in the aggressiveness. grossly overplayed AA: pot is raised and I reraised, get two callers, flop comes all clubs, actions goes min bet, min bet and i pushed.... awful!!!!

I just have to focus! if it wasn't for that hand i wouldve been up almost a buyin instead of down 18 bucks. Other than that hand i think i played ok, not great, but ok. And despite taking some genuine beats was up.

So far i've played around 2200 hands @ -5ptbb\100. Mainly as a result of boneheaded plays like the one above. I will perform a major review @ 10k hands. In the mean time I have to work on my discipline.

I will now go over to stars and load up two $4 180 sng's.

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