Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Day 4 - OpND P.1


Came home around 1.30am this morning and decided that i would fire up BFP and play a few hands. felt good but played extremely poorly, upon further review at the end of the session, i realized that i had played every big pot i lost and one that i won poorly.

played 350 hands @ -17ptbb/100....I definitely have some leaks that need ironing out. ok, what was the problem. obviously i was not on my game....

1. I was card dead and nothing was holding, so i started pressing i.e trying to make something out of nothing. then when i do get a big hand, playing it to get action and ivariably getting it cracked.

2. One table i was playing was really loose... at one point every player at this table was over 33% vpip. for instance i would raise utg with AK KK etc etc and every one would come along. I never knew what anyone had, and never adjusted. In future if i am uncomfortable with the play at a table and cannot figure out how to exploit it i should just leave.

3. I have reduced my bluffing frequency however my biggest remaining leak that i'm aware of, and i'm sure that there are some that i don't know about, is calling big bets on the river with marginal hands ( one pair hands QQ, KK , AA etc).

So far I'm not off to a very good start on this quest but i think it will help my game nonetheless. I will know around half way through it if i have to adjust my expectations or not. In the mean time i will continue to improve.

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