Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Day 5 OpND - Session management


I didn't play on UB today. But i droped another 2 buyins on BFP. This is getting ugly. I played pretty solid for most of the session, but about 2-3 hands at the end put me in the hole. basically thats what it boils down down; playing one or two hands poorly costs me the session. I need consistancy. The tables seemed very aggro and full of multi-tablers, so prehaps table selection is an issue also. I will have to keep that in mind and perhaps change over to UB or play at different times.

However what i will change immediately is the way i play my sessions. basically i sit down and play. what i will do now is datamine the tables that i'm goin to play for 15-30 minutes before playing and then only play for a set period of time. I think i'm most effective for around 1.5 hrs, so i will only play 90 minute sessions 2 tabling. In that 30 min time frame i can do pregame stuff, like review previous hands, reply to post on forums, watch a video on cardrunners or read a chapter from NLTAP. I will see how this works out. gotta turn this around... I will improve ( this is kinda becomming my motto... i hope its true)

In other news... I've been playing some sngs on PP and i've turned the 50.00 i had there into 117.00 as of this afternoon. These things are donkfest... on one table today 1st hand guy goes AI with Q6o utg+1, guy on button calls with AJo. On an entirely different table 1st hand 4 people get all in pf after several rounds of raising and reraising, their hands : KK, AQo, JTs, QTo.... just amazing stuff. I will continue to play these and see how high i can take the roll.

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