Thursday, November 23, 2006

Day 6 OpND - On Hold?

Thursday. American Thanks Giving

Is Operations New Digs on hold?

Not yet but things will have to turn around soon or it will at the very least have to be extended. I wanted to achieve my goal by the end of the year but if things continue as they have been, i will have to extend it to January as i rebuild my game.

Dropped another 1.5 buy-ins today @ 50NL on UB. Again on just two hands vs. one opp who out carded me. of course i lost other hands but these two hands put me in the tank for about 85 bucks. I'm not pleased with the way that i've been playing, the good thing is i recognize that i'm sucking and its not just the cards/variance. For instance vs. villian mentioned above i shouldve been able to get away from both hands given the action buy i got sticky fingers.

Ultimate bet is definitely much harder than party poker. The players are much tougher, the game im playing now was good at party, but its obvious that i have some major flaws in my game that need work.

Things i've Noticed.
  1. While there are some loose players on UB there is very little serious bluffing going on. If an opp is putting up resistance than they usually have something big.
  2. RR are always a big hand that needs to be respected, reraises from the small blind are usually(95%) AA/KK
  3. One pair type hands are rarely good on the river.

Things I need to address in my game:

  1. I'm playing too loose for these games, I need to try to keep my stats around 18/12 or 20/14
  2. Have a plan for the hand before i play it.
  3. I tend to not believe villians and sometimes feel that they are making a move on me.... unfortunately i'm usually wrong
  4. Do not call Large bets on later streets with just one pair hands... 2pair should be the min.
  5. Bluff less

thats it for now. on 6max

I seem to be doing ok at the pp 6 sng... played about 6 today got a first and a second. unfortunately i'm having trouble tracking these with PT, so i will have to start recording them manually. probably aim to play 2-5 per day. these seem to be my refuge for now.

I have around 400.00 on stars that has been slowly leaking away on sngs while i also play madden or watch tv... i have to stop that. I will instead try to 6 table 25nl or 10 table 10nl full ring and just set hunt.

gotta make that goal!

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