Monday, November 27, 2006

Day 10 OpND - UB is Killin Me!


Lost a full buy-in on UB today, I just can't get it goin there, the competition is too tough... I was actually down about 4 buyins but battled back before quitting. I did play ok except for 1 or 2 big bluffs that went bad and aggressively played draws that did get there. I think i played somewhat better than i did last week though.

I took an hour break and sat down on three tables on battlefield poker. After little less that 400 hands i quit up 3 buyins... what a difference a site makes uh.

In other news, just when i was about to get some people to sign up under me for the rakeback deal on prima where i would get a percentage of their rake, battlefield scrapped the program. Now it looks like i will not be able to refer anyone. just sucks.

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