Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Day 11 - OpND


I played 512 hands @ UB and ended up down only -0.90, so essentially breakeven. And the funny thing is i felt good about it. I made some good lay downs and i think my play is improving. UB definitely has some of the toughest competition around. And its made me take a look at my game a bit harder. The game that was winning on party is not holding up on UB.

I know that UB is tougher because i sat on BFP and just crush it. I played 362 hands and ended the session up 2.5 buy-ins. So the tougher play at UB has definitely helped my game. I will try clear the bonus at UB then look for softer sites to play. But over-all the experience i think has made me a better player.

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